Soldiers first wore the field jacket. The Britons paraded the utility coat in the 19th century, serving as a practical uniform when stationed in India: lightweight for the equatorial heat and smartly cut from sturdy cotton canvas. Decades later, the Americans recruited the field jacket on patrol in Vietnam, the M65 the most popular, recognised by its olive green hue, billowy front pockets, and a built-in hood and epaulettes.

The earthy tones saw the field jacket transitioned onto the African plains, offering camouflage for hunting safari-ans, who also relished in the jacket’s breathability and function. But it was Monsieur Saint Laurent who brought the field-cum-fashion jacket to the concrete jungle in Paris in the Sixties, before Hollywood endorsed it with Sir Roger Moore, the coat now with a civilian following thanks to a stylish James Bond.

Breaking It Down


Nowadays, the field jacket ricochets down the runway and battles it out in the street-style scene. From Milan to New York, stylish men have adopted the former-army piece as their very own, wearing it with tailoring to work or over a simple t-shirt and jeans.

While the basic construction – a mid-length jacket with four front pockets – hasn’t altered that much today, the colours, fabrics and textures of contemporary field jackets have altered to meet changing style tastes – and different weather condition.

Love the look but not sure how to recruit it? We’ve laid out 5 men’s field jacket style tips, making it easy. The biggest piece of advice? The field jacket should feel – and look – effortless when worn. Just throw it on over any of your current go-to outfits and walk out the door.

#1 Worker Jacket


The classic field jacket is the perfect office layer, serving as a functional and stylish top coat for the daily commute. Paired with a neutral two-piece business suit, opt for a sharp fitting field coat in deep olive and keep the details refined: a length that covers the hemline of the suit jacket and a belted waist for a tailored, clean aesthetic.

And look into added features. Some models – like the Private White V.C. jacket – come with an insulating inlay (interchangeable from season to season) and boast a contemporary nylon shell to avoid creasing, but with a suede-trim collar and fleece-lined pockets for a touch of luxury that’s subtle. Just add a textural woven tie and cutaway-collared shirt in baby blue and you’re office prepped.


#2 Friday Chic


Meeting up with the crew for pre-weekend drinks? Dressed-down Fridays welcome the field jacket in buttery tan or cream suede, the beltless style and natural colours creating a more refined, less rockstar top layer than say, a black leather perfecto.

Belstaff‘s slim-fit suede design is a luxurious take on the army jacket. Embracing flap pockets, there’s plenty of roomy for wallet, phone and keys, fastened with an easy-slide, two-way zipper. Fully-lined with an ultra-soft finish, it’s an informal elegance piece, taking you from night to day in style. Layer it over collared shirting and clean cut trousers, slipping in a fine-gauge knit and silk neckerchief – adding smoothness to the suede.


#3 Minimal Militant


Even the monochrome and minimal can enlist the field jacket for daily wear. Keeping things black, opt for a sleek and lightweight blazer design. With minimal appendages and neat button fastening, layer it over a basic t-shirt, black chinos and white leather sneakers in low-cut silhouette.

Burberry offers a a fully reversible model with military quilt topstitching, adding much needed texture and dimension to an all-black look. Despite the absence of metal, the jacket’s patch pockets, a small throat tab and subtle elbow patches give back points of interest without derailing simplicity. And when you tire from black, reverse the jacket and you’ll be a navy seal in no time.


#4 Denim Duty (Waxy)

WaxedWe have raincoats, but is there much option for keeping stylishly dry in the wet? Enter the waxed field jacket. A timeless classic, the weather-proof wax cotton boasts protection suitable for long periods outside; the black finish providing a statement sheen that’s less ostentatious than say, patent leather.

Barbour offers its take on waxed, finish with the brand’s signature corduroy collar, red check lining and logo patch for something a little heritage too. The ruggedness rolls well with denim: a jean jacket layered under an open waxed field, atop a plain t-shirt and black slim jeans for a great fabric mix.

For a rock edge, simply add wayfarer shades and suede chelsea boots. And the beauty of waxed cotton? Like denim, it ages with the wearer: each crease, fold and blemish a symbol of individuality and a unique story to tell. Denim-heads, rejoice.


#5 Urban Cadet


Camo print is taking street wear by storm this season, adding some tough-guy patterning to urban, skate-inspired outfits. Opting for an authentic camouflage, team the jacket with more refined casual pieces: Breton shirt, cropped trousers and low cut sneakers. Or with washed out denim jeans and chunky boots, the latter emphasising the military aspect well.

Saint Laurent has crafted the perfect California-meets-captain jacket with a short shape shirtjacket style in fitted cut. The added sewn-on regiment patches reimagine military days, as do the many pockets. Roll the sleeves for summer and wear open, as it’s made from light cotton. The idea is to look like it’s a vintage second-hand find, but better – without the bulky fit and heavy-duty fabric of yesteryear. And dust, obviously.


It’s easy to look at men’s fashion week each season and well, laugh at some of the eccentricities. To quip, furry bed slippers, teddy-fuzz top coats andactual bowl cuts appeared on the runway in London, Paris and Milan for Autumn/Winter 2016.

Far from the kind of fashion trends stylish men will be adopting in 2016, these artsy displays are just that: to be observed but never worn in the real word (unless looking like a life-size Muppet in pyjamas is the style you’re going for).

However, we’ve uncovered five brands that showcased key men’s suits at New York fashion week. The best part? The contemporary tailoring and on point accessories are both wearable and stylish. And can be adopted into your executive style arsenal right now.

#1 Heritage Tweed


This tailored look from Mike Rubin’s Krammer & Stoudt Autumn 2016 collection awakened the dandy of German artist Markus Lüpertz, but with a Western twist, which saw plush grape jackets and velveteen take a back seat to grey shades and rugged fabrics such as tweed.

But the finer details remained true to the artist’s muse. Styled with a plaid shirt – in a navy-black-grey blurred ombre check, a silk flat tie anchored the flecky two piece suit. Note the shorter jacket and cropped trouser for a contemporary edge for the office. And black patent leather dessert boots offered a fresh take on the classic derby; a large canvas-leather trim tote another welcomed style update on the stuffy, boxed briefcase.

#2 Modern Militant


Hvrminn designer Minn Hur’s reimagining of World War II marched on for the brand’s autumn collection. Not a slick hair out of place, the sartorial lineup – an enlistment of soft traditional tailoring – offered pieces inspired by Forties’ military garb – neutral suits and top coats, just like this dark mulberry double-breasted number with horn buttons and sprawling lapels.

The sharp shouldered coat masked a more relaxed suit in charcoal underneath; a subtle white pinstripe chalking up both jacket and pant and even the tie, for a tonal office ensemble. The neutral palette defied the adage ‘no brown in town’, enforced by matching patent leather Derbies (not military boots) with a modernised, elevated sole.

#3 Clean & Minimal


Scandinavia-met-Japan with the latest apparel offering from men’s bag maker Uri Minkoff. Professionally minimal, lapels were thin and neat with little appendages on the flannel top coat in smoked out grey. The clean colour palette didn’t sway much from neutrals; a sandy crew neck sweater doing away with a cumbersome shirt and tie, adding light and shade under a slouchy two-piece suit in faded black.

Tapered (and short) trousers exposed the mankles but were cut elegantly, making them a sharp pant for the office.Just add socks for workplace etiquette. The only other office no-no? Minkoffs elevated blue slippers. Change these for penny loafers or a chunky soled Derby to complement the contemporary tailoring.

#4 Pattern Perfect


Who said prints don’t work at the office? We already know that wearing colour to work increases the chances of a pay rise and promotion, so a tasteful print – that’s coloured – will put you ahead of the office fash pack. Michael Maccari laid down a new take on geometric prints and suit shapes for the distinguished Perry Ellis brand.

The tailoring palette was douce, underpinned by geometric intarsia prints in teal, mustard and grey which elevated the fabric and fit of jackets. This added to active accents of carrot-shaped pants and jackets in techno wool.

The gunmetal suit and Seventies-print sweater – in a more casual crew neck – paired best with a dark neutral shirt. Or a clash-effect gingham check shirt as pictured – just keep the check small and off-scale. An untucked shirt is a dress code risk for work with a suit but the no tie look isn’t, switching dress shoes for dessert boots in a buttery leather brown – a tonal document folio essential for transporting man-things.

#5 Wall Street Wolf


Want a business look that’s in it for the money, honey? Hickey Freeman showcased a collection of updated – and superluxurious – suits, to tempt even the biggest howler on Wall Street.

With the reinvented business suit in a range of new blues – chalk stripe optional, the Manhattan look came accessorised with forest green neckwear, a topical colour in the new season and a welcomed replacement to marsala.

Replicating the look, let the expense come via the details; a richly woven dress shirt in cubic jacquard offering subtle pattern play next to a puzzle print pocket square in darker colours. And in keeping with heritage accessories, tan leather shoes (and clay socks), you’ve brought a bit of nature into the big city.


Ah, Valentine’s Day. The one day of the year where ideas of love and romantic expectations are at their peak. And many men crumble under the pressure. But, for those who’ve been hit hard by Cupid’s arrow, you’ve got a date, and the day’s schedule planned. And your Valentine’s gift sorted.

So, what are you going to wear? Well, that depends on a) the time of day and b) where you’re going to take your date. Above all, getting ready for a date is about making sure that you dress both stylishly and appropriately for whatever it is your doing.

From the cinema to the fine dining experience, we’ve selected five ways to dress for a date this Valentine’s Day, based on common date scenarios. But the rest – good conversation, manners and gentlemanly wit – is all up to you my friend.

#1 Fine DinerFine-Dining

Congratulations. You’ve managed to reserve a table for two at that expensive new restaurant she’s been begging to go to since it opened. With three-courses, moody music and copious amounts of wine, your date is bound to be impressed – if all goes to plan. So, it’s imperative you dress your best from the get go.

For the fine diner, you can’t fault a suit. With traditional dates like these, it’s far better to be dressed-up than down, but you never want to out-style your mate. Stick to a sharp cut two-piece suit with fashionable notch lapels and simple two-button closure. Grey (light or dark), navy and black are perfect dinner date colours as they are masculine and neutral, avoiding pinstripes and waist coats which tend to look too corporate.

Leaving your work shirt at home, slip a block-coloured top under the jacket – Chambray and light for a classic feel or a dark roll neck for something Euro. Either way, unnecessary appendages – ties and even belts – can be skipped. And then slide into a pair of tan leather shoes; brown a fresher take on business-y black.

#2 Lunchtime Lover


Whether it’s a cheese and wine picnic in the park or a shellfish smorgasbord on a sunlit deck, lunchtime dates – especially in summer – can literally outshine their nighttime counterparts.

Dress codes will drop down a belt notch, switching suits for separates or a modernised rendition of the blazer – the shirt jacket. Indigo is an on trend jacket finish, giving back a sophisticated denim look with the sleeves rolled. Paired with white chinos, cropped – and a black polo or revere collar shirt, this layered daytime outfit requires leather accessories: a braided cuff and brown penny loafers complementing the earthen hues of tortoiseshell sunglasses.

Reversing the look, opt for lightweight tailored chinos in dark tone and micro-print floral shirt – short or long sleeve, weather dependent. The button down should be a nice fit on the shoulder, but comfortable through the middle. Worn with white plimsols, keep the shirt untucked and add a metal ring or watch for a bit of hand bling.

#3 Movie Match


Movie dates tend to be low-key. So unless they’re an entertainment entree before a fancy meal – your look should feel relaxed but well kept.

Aim for the smarter end of the casual spectrum, starting off with a sturdy pair of cropped trousers or hemmed denim. Build with a plain cotton or plaid button-down shirt – untucked and done up to the neck, and layer an open cardigan in plush fabric over smart brogues – no socks.

Otherwise, switch formalities for sneakers and a plain cotton tee, sticking with the wider, pant-cut trouser for comfort in the theatre. Then, opt for a suede over-shirt or camo-print mac in lightweight nylon, giving back a textural ensemble – good enough to touch.

#4 Caffeine High


Even though cafes aren’t exactly michelin starred, a well-designed interior with a lively atmosphere and great-tasting coffee can be the perfect setting for a morning date (and then, who knows?) Despite it being the a.m., don’t snooze on your ability to dress well.

A smart pair of jeans, in a medium to dark wash, is your foundational item. In a slim to straight cut, select a (stainless) cotton t-shirt in a neutral hue – black, navy and taupe are chic date options being dark.

And then select your casual jacket of choice: a deconstructed blazer worn open or an active-inspired park or leather bomber jacket, both streamline with low-cut leather sneakers.

#5 On Home Turf


Home dates are the most comfortable and personal. Getting cosy on the couch or a sharing self-prepared meal in the yard, staying at home doesn’t mean the baggy sweats or gym shorts and singlets should make an appearance.

This is wear luxury loungewear and stylish active gear is necessary. Keeping the palette dark and neutral, opt for a light cashmere sweater or cotton long-sleeve t-shirt, ribbed on the cuff and hem for a more succinct fit. Khaki chinos or straight black jeans are perfect trouser choices, paired with a retro-inspired sneaker in suede, providing a good opportunity to inject some colour into the minimal outfit.

A graphic-print tee or sweater – in plush jersey – is an edgier, streetwear look. Best suited to the younger gents, pair the monochrome statement top with tapered jogger pants and minimal sneakers; nothing fluorescent or gym-related, please.

First Impressions: 7 Things Women Notice

Gentlemen – Let’s talk about first impressions.

Specifically the kind you make on us ladies when we first meet you.

womens expressions on men styleWomen size you up as soon as you say “hello.”

Yes – it does go both ways.

The funny thing is she might not even realize the mental checklist forming in her head.  But make no mistake; she’s ticking off good and bad boxes.  And you know what they say about first impressions – you only get to make one.

So make yours count.

Below are 7 visual and audio cues a woman immediately notices and how you can get it right.

1 – Your Shoes

Why it matters: If eyes are the window to the soul, then shoes are the window to your style. Wear the wrong ones, and you’ll telegraph a less-than-ideal message. If they look flimsy, she’ll suspect you’re a cheapskate. If they’re ratty and worn-down, she’ll think you don’t care about your appearance (and will wonder what else you don’t care about).

How to get it right: Consider shoes an investment. Spend what you can on a few good pairs – dress shoes in both black and brown, and a loafer or driving moccasin for more casual outfits. And be sure your shoes are outfit-appropriate – that means no sneakers or sandals with a suit.

mens double monk dress shoes

2 – Your Greeting

Why it matters: Why do you think it’s so nerve-wracking when contestants first get out of the limo onThe Bachelor?  And guys, don’t pretend you haven’t watched this addictive reality series at least once. It’s because they only get a few words and gestures to make a good first impression. A greeting is the first opportunity to present yourself the way you want to be seen. Your handshake, smile and “hello” all contribute.

How to get it right: Be confident, but friendly. Don’t look past us, or up and down our frame before you reach our face. Of course, if you can barely make eye contact from nerves, that’s not very appealing either. Look us in the eye, smile warmly, and repeat our name (to help you remember it). And never underestimate the power of a firm handshake.

mens crewneck sweater

Take that hand out of your pocket and introduce yourself with a handshake.

3 – Your Hands

Why it matters: Since we’re already talking about handshakes, let’s discuss the state of your skin. I know that “Moisturize” probably isn’t high on your list of daily “To Do’s.” But rough hands are not something we ladies want to put up with. No one wants to touch scaly skin. Even if you think moisturizing isn’t “manly,” it’s in your best interest to keep your skin smooth.

How to get it right: Keep a hand cream at your desk at work and use it when you’re brainstorming your fantasy football lineup or trying to decide what to eat for lunch.

4 – Your “Look”

Why it matters: There are, of course, big fashion deal breakers guys (hopefully) know not to make. Showing up to a date in an “I’m with Stupid” t-shirt, for instance. Or walking into a business meeting wearing a Confederate flag biker jacket.

But usually, it’s smaller things that can trip you up with a first impression. A sloppy, untucked shirt – pants that clearly haven’t been pressed – muddy, grass-stained shoes.

How to get it right: Do a full-mirror scan before you leave your house. Do you look put together? Is your hair combed? Your shoelaces tied? Does your belt match your shoes? A quick once-over will save you from little mistakes in a first impression.

mens navy jacket

Throwing on a jacket is always a safe bet.

5 – Your Watch

Why it matters: Women don’t expect every man to flex a Rolex, but we do expect you to wear a man’s – not a kid’s – watch. No Mickey Mouse faces. No calculator watches. And nothing made of rubber if you’re not running a marathon.

How to get it right: If it’s time to upgrade your wrist wear, do a reconnaissance mission at your local department store’s watch counter to see what strikes your fancy. You can’t go wrong with a metal bracelet with a dark face, or a simple-yet-classic leather band with white face. Nothing showy, but nothing that suggests you won it in a carnival game either.

mens watch

6 – Your Grammar

Why it matters: Even in the first exchange of “Hello’s” and “Hi my name is” pleasantries, ladies are making judgments. We notice if you’re using big words or not, if you say “umm,” call us “dude” or “babe,” and if your vocabulary is riddled with curses.

How to get it right: Read more books? We’re not asking for ten-dollar words dropped into every sentence, but we want to feel confident that you can hold up your end of a conversation if we introduce you to our friends or family without fear of you embarrassing us.

mens groomed hair style

7 – Your Hair

Why it matters: The way you wear your hair says a lot about you. A combover trying to cover up a bald patch – you’ll seem insecure. Greasy locks that look like they haven’t been washed in days – a total turn-off.

How to get it right: Women have different opinions on the “right” length of hair, but that’s subjective. What’s more important is how it’s styled. Or really, if it’s styled at all. If you wear your hair longer, make sure it’s in check when you walk out the door. A little – not a lot – of product is best. If you’re going bald, just shave it off and rock a bare scalp without shame.

9 Basic Men’s Wardrobe Essentials You Should Already Own

So you want to rebuild your wardrobe, but you just don’t know where to begin?

This problem is common, and quite understandable.

You can find too much information these days, and you can quickly get overwhelmed.

One article says to buy one thing, and another says to buy another thing. And you just don’t know what to invest in first.

When you’re in the early stages of your style reinvention, you should just ignore all these confusing voices, and focus on getting your foundational items.

You should focus first on assembling the clothes that are basic men’s wardrobe essentials.

Most Guys Lack a Good Foundation of Men’s Wardrobe Essentials

Building a wardrobe foundation is a step that most guys skip, but it’s essential to building a solid wardrobe.

It will make everything else a lot easier.

A good wardrobe foundation consists of understated, timeless wardrobe staples— clothes that will serve as the supporting pieces to your trendier, more eye-catching clothes.

You see, when most men want to start dressing better, they think they need all their clothes to stand out. They look up all the latest trends or they start wearing all kinds of crazy colors.

And nothing is inherently wrong with that. But when every item in your outfit is trying to grab the eye’s attention, then you only end up looking messy.

You need supporting pieces to keep these eye-catching clothes anchored.

With a foundation of basic wardrobe staples, you’ll always have clothes to wear your trendier pieces with.

So why don’t we all have such a foundation already?

wardrobe essentials

You need basic items like these for supporting pieces

These Wardrobe Staples Are Hardly Promoted

Fashion magazines, blogs and shops rarely promote these wardrobe staples to men. Their main focus is on promoting the latest styles and trends.

When you walk into a clothing store, you won’t often see a mannequin wearing a plain white T-shirt. (The store would much rather have you buy something expensive.)

And the point of having mannequins is to draw your attention. Simple white T-shirts won’t draw much of that.

But at the beginning of your wardrobe reboot, you shouldn’t buy any of the clothes they do promote.

You need to collect your foundation of essential wardrobe items first.

Introducing the Restart Capsule

I can almost hear you thinking, “What is the Restart Capsule?”

The Restart Capsule is a a selection of nine clothes that every man should have in his wardrobe. They’ll make the perfect wardrobe foundation for you to build upon.

What you’ll notice about the clothes below is that they are all Grade A versatile. This makes them easy to mix and match. Combining them into a bad outfit is nearly impossible (unless you get the fit wrong, of course).

The clothes below should be your first investments. They are the clothes that will help you restart your style.

The Restart Capsule exists out of the following clothes:

  • Solid white T-shirt
  • Solid white shirt
  • Dark blue jeans
  • Camel chinos
  • Grey V-neck sweater
  • Navy blazer
  • Brown leather loafers
  • Brown leather belt
  • Grown-up coat

I will give a short explanation why these items are essential for your wardrobe.

The Solid White T-Shirt

The solid white tee is one of the most versatile pieces you could own.

You can wear it with anything. It’s like having a blank canvas to do with what you want. You can wear it on its own during summer, or layer it during fall and winter.It’s super-simple and look much sharper than a graphic tee.

You should have a couple of these in your closet. Go for V-necks as well as crew necks for variety’s sake.

The Solid White Shirt

solid white shirt

The solid white shirt is the ultimate menswear staple. No list of wardrobe essentials for men would be complete without it.

Like the previous item, you can wear it with anything, but you can also create new looks by playing around with the buttons and sleeves. Wear it buttoned up with a tie and blazer for a dressy look, or wear it unbuttoned over a T-shirt with the sleeves rolled up, and look super-casual .

It just doesn’t get more versatile than a solid white shirt.

You’ll need to know how a shirt should fit though. Too many men who want to step up their style move from wearing tees to wearing shirts, but their shirts are way too billowy.

The Dark Blue Jeans

dark blue jeans

Know what? I’ll just let my friend Barron tell you all the reasons you need a pair of dark blues.

It’s the only pair of jeans you will ever need.

The Camel Chinos

camel chinos

With only 1 pair of jeans in your closet, you’ll need some alternative legwear. That’s where chinos come in.

See, chinos give you a lot more variety than having a couple of jeans in different shades and washes. They create a much more different look.

If you don’t have a pair already, make sure your first chino pants are camel.

The Grey V-Neck Sweater

grey sweater

A grey V-neck sweater is an excellent layering piece.

Wear it over your shirts and T-shirt to stay warm during the winter months. You can also wear a blazer over it when it gets especially cold.

The grey sweater is very easy to pull off, as it’s hard to find anything that clashes with it.

The Navy Blazer

navy blazer

The easiest way to smarten up any outfit is to add a blazer. It just makes everything look better. I suggest you get one in navy.

A navy blazer is a classic choice that will never let you down. It will match especially well with the camel chinos mentioned above, and will also look great with your dark blue jeans.

The Brown Leather Loafers

brown leather loafers

Brown leather loafers are a great choice of footwear.

They’re a lot dressier than sneakers, but not dressy enough that you can’t wear them with your casual wear. They actually look amazing under jeans.

If penny loafers seem like too big a step, try wearing a pair of venetian loafers first. They tend to have a bit less embellishment, which makes them look a tad more casual.

The Brown Leather Belt

brown leather belt

Your brown leather shoes need a brown leather belt to compliment them. Although, they don’t have to be a complete match shade-wise. It’s okay if there’s a bit of difference.

The Grown-up Coat

pea coat

Now that you’re improving your style, you will need a grown-up coat to top the look off, as it’s often the first thing people see you in during colder times.

Personally, I’m a big fan of the pea coat, but something like an overcoat or duffle coat will work just as well.

I’ll let you pick the color yourself, but make sure it’s a neutral. That means either grey, navy or brown.

7 Reliable Style Tips for Short Guys

The vast majority of men’s clothing companies make clothes for the average man, who is 5’9” and slightly overweight.

Your problem is that you’re shorter thanaverage, so finding clothes that fit is a total pain. Sleeves are way too long. Dress shirts billow out at the waist. Pants always bunch up at your ankles.

You put on a suit for an interview or wedding and feel like a kid who got into his father’s closet. Your favorite Saturday-night button-down looks like a hand-me-down from an older brother.

And this sucks!

Because even if you’re ready to take your first steps to restart your style, you can’t find clothes off the rack that fit. So you’re at a disadvantage from the get go.

I feel your pain.

As a 5’6” guy, I struggled my whole life to find clothes that fit well — clothes that I felt confident in.

A few years ago, I decided to solve this problem. I hunted down the best clothing stores for short men and explored custom clothing options. I taught myself about alterations and starting getting my clothes tailored for a better fit.

It paid off.

Today, I love every article of clothing I own. The clothes in my closet all fit perfectly, and getting dressed in the morning has gone from a frustrating chore to a genuine pleasure.

I want you to experience the same delight getting dressed, so today I’m gonna give you seven simple style tips for short guys that you can use right away to step up your style game.

Hemmed Pants

Hemmed Pants

1. Get Your Pants Hemmed

When you are below average height, almost every pair of pants you find in stores will be too long.

When your pants are too long, they puddle at your feet and make you look like a child.

The good news is, solving this problem is cheap, quick and can be done at almost any tailor or dry cleaner for 10-20 dollars.

Whenever you buy a new pair of pants, just tell your local dry cleaner you need them shortened.

If your pants have a hem (the extra material at the bottom of the pant leg), ask the tailor to keep the original hem. This is especially important for jeans!

Slim Tie

Slim Tie

2. Pay Attention to Proportions

Ever wonder why even small and medium sizes don’t fit well?

They are sized down from the larger cuts, but the proportions aren’t altered for smaller body types.

Try these three easy ways to use proportions to your advantage:

  1. Wear slimmer ties. If you are shorter than the average male, you are probably also smaller in general (narrower, thinner limbs, etc.). Thick accessories, like ties and scarves, will only make you look smaller. I recommend slim ties — not skinny ties — for a balanced look. (Bonus Tip: Try the Four-in-Hand knot instead of the standard Windsor and Half Windsor.)
  2. Avoid thick belts and large belt-buckles. Same concept here. A thick belt with a large buckle will look too big for your body, thus making you look shorter than you really are.
  3. Try medium or short-rise instead of low-rise pants. Low-rise pants make your legs look shorter by lowering the perceived waistline. If you have long legs and a short torso, this is fine. But if you have shorter legs (in proportion to your torso), you’ll want to avoid low rise pants (despite their current trendiness).

These tweaks can work wonders for your perceived proportions.

3. Stop Worrying About Dressing Taller

Most style tips for short men focus on dressing taller. They assume this is your goal, so they tell you to wear pinstripe suits and avoid horizontal stripes.

While some of this advice can help elongate and streamline your profile, most of it should be ignored. If you see a shirt with thick horizontal stripes that fits well and makes you happy, buy it and wear it proudly.

4. Avoid Heightening Shoes (a.k.a. risers).

Heightening shoes have unnecessarily thick soles to make people look taller. These shoes are very ugly and low quality. Avoid them at all costs.


Say NO to Risers

You can’t fool anyone. Height is genetically determined, and we can’t change it.

So embrace it. Find confidence elsewhere, despite of what you’ve been given physically.

You’ll feel much better about yourself in a sweet pair of polished Oxfords than a chunky pair of black risers.

5. Shop at the Store, but Buy Online

Have you ever found a great pair of shoes at the store, but the smallest size was an 8, when you needed a 6.5?

Next time, write the model number down, and buy it the right size from Zappos orAmazon.

Same goes for pants. Most stores carry jeans down to size 30×30, but they have smaller sizes online. Be patient, go home and order the correct size from your comfy chair.

Most companies have free returns these days, so stop fearing that it won’t work out and you’ll suffer buyer’s remorse.

You won’t. You’ll be glad you took the extra effort.

6. Use Specific Colors and Patterns To Your Advantage

I said you shouldn’t dress to look taller, but you can use certain patterns and colors to downplay your shortness.

You can do this two ways:

  1. You can use solid, similar colors for a unified look. Dark pants and a dark shirt always work well. Or, if you prefer lighter colors, tan chinos with a white shirt. Another great option is dark blue jeans with a lighter blue shirt.
  2. You can use vertical stripes to create a heightening effect and draw people’s attention toward your face. For best results, look for narrow stripes or herringbone patterns.

Try it, and see the results for yourself.

7. Go Custom

When all else fails, you can still have something custom made.

I still remember the first time I put on my first custom dress shirt. I had never before experienced such a feeling. Wearing a shirt that fit perfectly not only felt great against my torso, but seeing myself in the mirror shot my confidence through the roof.

Since then, I’ve become quite comfortable with the world of online, made-to-measure clothing.

I highly recommend that you give this a shot. Companies like CottonWork, Blank Label and Indochino make custom suits, blazers and pants for very reasonable prices.

Once you go custom, you will never buy another dress shirt or suit off the rack. You’ll avoid hours of sifting through the racks at crowded, overpriced department stores.

How to Wear Suspenders for Men

Since men no longer need suspenders to hold up their pants, they have evolved from a necessity to a style accessory. It’s true that you don’t need to have suspenders in your wardrobe and I’m not going to tell you that you need to go out and buy one right now, but they can be a fun accessory that can give you a very distinctive look.

You should try some on, and see how you feel in them. Do you feel comfortable wearing them? Are you confident enough to make this accessory work? Maybe you don’t know how to wear suspenders for men. Here are a few looks you could try out:

Look 1: Casual Cool

Suspenders for the Casual Cool Look

Suspenders for the Casual Cool Look

Suspenders can really give something extra to your casual look. Wear them over a casual shirt and some nice looking chino pants like the guys pictured above. Roll up the sleeves of your shirt and try to add some more accessories. As you can see, this can create an amazing ensemble. The suspenders are truly part of their outfits, instead of something worn to catch the eye. Their outfit are pulled together very well.

Look 2: Wall Street

Suspenders for the Wall Street Look

Suspenders for the Wall Street Look

If you’re going for the corporate look, then wearing a pair of wide suspenders with your suit will definitely get you there. Just watch the movie  Wall Street again, and look at Gordon Gekko’s outfits for inspiration. Wearing a pair of suspenders under your suit jacket will make sure people will take notice of you every time you take it off.

Look 3: Indie Punk

Suspenders for the Indie Punk Look

Suspenders for the Indie Punk Look

Suspenders are quite popular in the punk community, and the style they create with them is great to use as inspiration for your own. When a pair of skinny suspenders is paired with a well-worn t-shirt, some beat up jeans and a few punk appropriate accessories, you have a very subversive look on your hands with a lot of personality.

You don´t need to start dressing as a punk rocker, but you can take their look as inspiration and adapt it to suit your own style. If punk isn’t your thing, just tone down the edginess, like the guy pictured right. Try a pair of skinny suspender over your plain white t-shirt and favorite pair of jeans, and see how you like it. Add the accessories that you already wear, rather than going out to buy accessories to complete the punk look.


I hope these looks have given you some idea on how to wear a pair of men’s suspenders yourself. The most important thing to keep in mind is that the way you wear them should suit your personal style. If not, you will not feel comfortable wearing them, and it will only harm your confidence. People will take notice of this. However, if you simply add suspenders to your usual style, they will not look out of place.