Brad Pitt needs no introduction: women want him and even more, men want to be him.

While he’s come a long way since his boyish violence in ‘Fight Club’ and as a suffering demi-god in ‘Troy’, he remains quite the victor in the wardrobe.

Rocking long hair, a buzz cut or that killer army shave from ‘Fury’, Pitt is – and was – one of the past three decade’s biggest style icons. Not just his hair, but his clothes too. Let’s take a closer look at how to score his style.

Breaking It Down


Brad Pitt has relaxed a lot in the last five years. His dress sense is looking to darker tones and silhouettes are looser and lighter; opting for elegant comfort pieces inspired by the contemporary active and Japanese influences taking men’s wear by the throat this season.

More casual in his off-duty looks, his suiting remains on game; sticking to the foolproof two-piece in recent events, snubbing his previous obsession with waistcoats. And accessories are everything: hats, glasses, and even a cane. Don’t believe it? Read on for the key Brad Pitt looks.

Meet Brad Black


Rock accents play out on Pitt’s all-black stage. Denim – in a wax-coat or matte finish, walks in a slim-to-straight fit – under a black crew neck tee tucked loosely at the waist. The muso’s nonchalance is lifted with rolled three-quarter length sleeves and untamed wrist jewellery – the metal frame sunnies and trilby in moss green, breaking up the black.

In winter, the black comes layered with a hooded sports jacket playing the role of waistcoat under a black top coat. Leather Derbies in a charcoal hue bring back the sophistication and again Pitt’s chains and aviators bring out the zips in the sport-inspired layering.

Summer Suiting


Pitt adores a summer suit. From the colour to the fabric, the actor – in Cannes – opts for an all-white, très français version of the two-piece. Accessories make this outfit, with Euro-money gold chains and tortoiseshell frames tying in the warm tones over the blank suit. Slick hair is essential here.

On the move, Pitt continues with the white tee tailoring, adding to cream to the equation with cotton chinos and a beige-y, unstructured jacket. The straw fedora is a textural touch and looks better a little worn-in – very Japanese in its direction.



In rolling with his samurai-inspired man-bun, Pitt looks to Japan for sartorial inspiration. On the red carpet, the monochrome black plays support act to a relaxed jacket in matte silk and cotton. The sleeves are longline and the jacket is severely unstructured, promoting the texture and fit as more a cardigan than blazer.

A thin cotton henley adds to the organic, natural feel; kept slightly tailored with black chino trousers and matching black boots. En route, Pitt looks all the more a Japanophile with super relaxed cotton salwar pants in cream, under a roomy white tee and shacket (shirt jacket) giving back a touch of Seventies safari coat, without the horrible collar.

The earthy cream, taupe and beige from the jacket to the sneakers offer a neatness to the untameable silhouette of the comfort-is-style look.

Desert Sports


Highly monochrome, dune (think ashy grey) is Pitt’s colour of the season, adopting tonal outfits in the desert hue. When travelling, an ultra thin, cotton tee in slim fit tops lounge-inspired pants reimagined with sporty accents such as cuffed ankles and a drawstring waist.

Minimal additions – aviators and a neck chain offer a touch of army to the desert explorer colour, before white trainers kick it back to the gym.

Other times, a sports jacket in jersey cotton blends in over the actor’s go-to sheer tee, but with sturdier trousers this time; more militant in heftier twill cotton and desert boots. It’s dystopian, all the way.

Silver Streak


When the occasion calls for it, Brad Pritt Esq. arrives on scene, cane in hand. He may have torn a ligament while skiing to require the dapper stick but the accessory goes well with the sleek black two-piece suit with satiny, peak lapels.

The white gold tie blends tonally with the actor’s shirting, offering a modern shimmer to the otherwise conservative attire. Short hair, long hair? You decide.

The silver streak in suiting continues on the red carpet, this time as a muted, charcoal tie. The suit gets an update too; swapping from black to midnight blue. The jacket is slightly more relaxed but fitted all the same, black Oxfords and sneaky pocket square completing the finer details.

Key Pitt Fashion Items

Suit: Something British like Paul Smith or Richard James for the formal types and something Japanese such as Yohji Yamamoto.

Blazers: Washed cotton from Margaret Howell, cream jackets by Faconnable or Officine Generale.

Tops: Light cotton tees from Allsaints, Bassike or Sunspel.

Bottoms: Jeans from G-Star, A.P.C and Edwin.

Shoes: Boots from Belstaff, Oxfords from Berluti, and sneakers from Common Projects.

Accessories: Neck chain from Paul Roman or Alexander McQueen. Hats from Horisaki Design & Handel or Canali. The cool cane comes care of London’s James Smith & Sons.


The celebrity of LeBron James – on (and off) the court – is unmatched. The Cleveland Cavaliers basketball player is what the industry calls a ‘free agent’; letting him control his own professional interests. And it’s this kind of autonomy that makes James a force in his own right; both in the NBA and as a fashionisto.

Breaking It Down


It’s hard to find a common style theme for James. Like a chameleon, the sportsman reinvents his look; rocking an urban prep look front row at fashion week (the fact he attends already says something) or donning a fedora and black long coat forming part of the mystery Mod squad.

A big guy, James knows fit is important too, cutting it sharp in suits, blazers and raw denim that look made for him; chances are, the jeans are made from him.

Muted Prep


James is an American and takes pride in the country’s fashion gift to the world – preppy style. Attending fashion week, a black jersey with contrast collar and red arm bands accentuate the sports vibe (of a non-basketball kind) for everyday wear. Worn over khaki chinos and leather chukka boots, it’s a classic polo look that is timeless and masculine.

At night, the foolproof khaki is moved up top, styled as a cotton blazer over a crisp white shirt – with all the trimmings. Typically, James isn’t a colour man, so accessories – bow tie, pocket square and watch band – are black, reaffirming his penchant for muted prep.

Reimagined Mod


Darting through the NBA halls, James adopts an off-duty, cool style. Very much Mod-inspired, the fedora hat – always in felt, sits perched over a clean cut leather bomber, relaxed tee and dark selvedge denim for a touch of dishevelled Fifties.

Other times, the chesterfield coat in plush wool adds some softness to the hard, slim lines of the outerwear; mixed in with a dark blue chambray shirt and club collar, trousers, gold cuff and matching lapel pin. A leather weekend bag with gold zip ties in the metallics nicely, ensuring this Mod has his style gang in line.

High Roll-er


Looking more the Italian gent than American b-baller, James’ slick suiting gets the Euro makeover with a roll neck sweater replacing traditional shirting. The key to maintaining sophistication is sticking to neutral colours (navy or black) and opting for a three-piece with matching waistcoat.

The tonal hues blend the roll neck in nicely and the higher neck adds a streamline affect to James’ broadness; especially in black. The openness of the look works best with peak lapels and little-to-no accessories; except for shades, in (again) black – with a matte finish for more class.

Co-ord Blue


James is patriotic to blue through his taste for sneaker and shirt coordination. The masculine colour addresses sheeny, leather hi-tops in a royal blue, under a grainy, short sleeve shirt in washed-out denim for something more natural.

For more expressive moments, paint-splattered sneakers in fifty shades of blue match up with motley blue shirting in long sleeves; buttoned-up the neck and no tie. Leaving the shirt untucked accentuates the blue layers; adding in a pair of block-coloured chinos or raw denim jeans to break up the matchy-matchy.

Key James Fashion Items

Suits: Peak lapel blue from Balenciaga and black three-piece from Dolce & Gabbana.

Coats: Chesterfield top coat from Givenchy and leather jacket from Club Monaco.

Tops: Roll neck sweater from Reiss or Dolce & Gabbana, long sleeve jersey from Ralph Lauren, button shirt (and tie) from Tom Ford and Levis chambray.

Bottoms: Khaki chinos from A.P.C, and selvedge denim from Bottega Veneta or Simon Miller.

Shoes: Customised sneakers from Balenciaga, leather lace-ups from Berluti and John Lobb.

Accessories: Gold metal cuff from Acne Studios, fedora hat from Borsalino and eyewear from Mykita.


Ryan Reynolds has come a long way since his flakey, comic role in ‘Two Guys, A Girl And A Pizza Place’.

Reynolds flicked the switch – from chick flick actor to action stud – when he underwent intense physical training to play Hannibal King in ‘Blade: Trinity’. A change in physique propelled a change in style too; transitioning him from the unfashionable college goof Van Wilder to the red carpet ruler you see today. Let’s take a closer look at scoring his style.

Breaking It Down


‘Classic’ is an understatement when describing Ryan Reynolds’ style. The actor takes creative direction from the greats – Paul Newman and Steve McQueen, the latter lending inspiration for Reynolds’ immaculate tailoring choice – the three-piece suit.

Casual wear also stays Fifties inspired, while reworked jackets in cool suedes, rich denim and English-cues (think gilets) eliminate any costume-y aesthetics from the vintage outerwear. But, if you had to choose one, lonely adjective for Ryan Reynolds’ fashion, it would have to be ‘blue’.

Sartorially Blue


Reynolds adores the dark blue suit. And he is rarely seen without all the trimmings: waistcoat, tie and tie clip. Making it a tonal affair, the actor keeps the colour blended, orchestrating a lighter shade of blue for the tie usually, while – on the odd occasion – interchanging the matching waistcoat for a one – still blue, but with a subtle pinstripe.

Whatever suit he choses, the fit is immaculate – hugging across the chest and shoulder; making the gym junkie look leaner and lengthy, instead of a squished sausage in a nice suit.

Gilet-ed Englishmen


Like an English chap on an autumnal stroll, Reynolds dons the perfect layered look: flat cap, long-sleeve shirt and wait – a gilet – hood, optional. While the style has been known for dad-ish qualities, Reynolds reinvents the potentially drab look. And it’s all in the texture.

The cap is a rustic tweed, worn nonchalantly as if it’s a last minute addition. Then, the gilet – comes open or closed – the latter working as a casual waistcoat-esque item. Done up, it’s far more functional for the cold with kangaroo front pockets to stuff the hands into.

A gingham print shirt adds more visual interest to an all-blue look over raw denim, while chillaxed cons in vibrant white sports-up a pair of utility pants; don’t youever call them cargoes.

Classic Cas


Timeless style (seen in Reynolds approach to suiting) ebbs into his casual attire too. Rocking an American cool-dude vibe – the casual jacket forms the basis of the swoon.

Denim is key. Again, the actor’s penchant for blue translates into rich indigo hues (never too washed out) on an open, vintage jacket – refined with a sleek cashmere sweater (no tee to eliminate bulkiness), over a pair of blue-ish grey chinos.

Elsewhere, the moto jacket emerges, reimagined for 2015 in marsala red, which is dominating men’s wear this season. In lustrous suede with black ribbed detailing, Reynolds styles the textural piece over tweedy trousers and worker boots. It’s a modern take on an American casual classic.


Yep, Reynolds is basically having an affair with the colour blue. It’s a great colour and suits his skin tone well. And, it’s super masculine, turning a lightweight cardigan (over pleated wool trousers) into something more rugged (the beard also helps).

But the biggest extravagance is the actor’s blue jacket. It’s a bold move – coloured leather, especially when the blue continues matching-ly onto preppy chinos, then slips on over to the tie. Yet, the electric hue is captivating and its brashness is offset by a stark white shirt and black wayfarers. Blue works best with muted hues, and as a fan of blue, Reynolds has learnt this blocking move.

Key Reynolds Fashion Items

Suit: The three-piece navy suit with peak lapel (Paul Smith or Dolce & Gabbana) and pinstripe blue suit (Richard James).

Jackets: Blue leather (Tom Ford), suede moto jacket (Haider Ackermann or Gucci), and gilet (Apesi or Brunello Cucinelli).

Bottoms: Raw denim straight-leg jeans (Our Legacy or Levis), chinos (Carhartt or YMC) and utility pants (Stone Island). Wool pleated trousers (Thom Browne or Burberry).

Accessories: Flat cap (Lock & Co Hatters or Borsalino), sunglasses (Persol or Mykita), silver tie clip (Lanvin) and thin leather cuff (Valextra).

Shoes: Boots (Fracap or Trickers), boat shoes (Sperry), lace-ups (Mark McNairy or Church’s), sneakers (Converse or Common Projects).


Growing up in the Scottish town of Paisley (yes, as in the floral print), Gerard Butler was raised in style, literally.

With a home in Malibu and New York, the Scotsman remains true to his rugged heritage which – despite the glitz and glamour of Hollywood – translates into a contemporary masculinity that most celebs are ditching for contrived versions of themselves.

Known for his hulking lead roles in ‘Olympus Has Fallen’ and the upcoming sequel ‘London Has Fallen’, Butler is also the face of Hugo Boss’ ‘Boss Bottled!’, stealing the role from Ryan Reynolds.

Like a breath of fresh air (or recently sprayed cologne), Butler shows us how to dress like a man (who’s not obsessed with being fashionable), and surprisingly, that doesn’t require being indifferent.

Breaking It Down


With a ‘300’-movie, gym junkie bod, the actor has a penchant for dressing-up in hard, fast suits, but only when the occasion requires it. Other times, you’ll see him in sneakers, clean cut jeans and a tee – mostly the open-necked Henley.

The Scotsman relishes in being classic, isn’t a fan of trends and keeps things relatively simple – no appendages. But he does love a good accessory and is rarely seen without his aviators and some form of hat; that LA sun proving all too hot for his British complexion.

Tonal Tailoring


Like a boss, Butler looks to sharp tailoring (for those red carpet times) opting for sleek, and neat single-breast suits in slim fits. It leans the buff actor out, especially the fine pinstripe variety, which also plays down the mud-ish qualities of the brown.

But note the tonal chemistry of both tailored outfits: the blending of the dominant hue – be it blue or brown, as the colour morphs onto the tab-collared shirting (great for narrowing the face), the woven silk tie, and even onto the leather lace-ups. Butler doesn’t often waver from traditionalism but he makes an exception for blue leather shoes.

Go Moto 


The combination of a leather moto jacket and a henley was made cool by Steve McQueen, and it’s a no-brainer for the classical Butler. Super masculine, the actor teams the soft, silk-cotton blend henley without heavy-duty cotton pants and derby boots in solid black – creating a look that feels aprés bike race – without the chase.

But the key piece is the leather jacket. Butler favours the worn-in, test-driven vintage aesthetic with the softness of the calfskin acting as a second skin (without it being super tight).The style is moto or racer style to be exact, but Butler does like the aviator style too, opting for tan-ish brown – something high-flyer Biggleswould’ve be proud of.

Sergeant Shorts


Whether he’s strolling the dunes of Malibu or dodging heavy traffic on Sunset Boulevard, Butler recruits his loyal camouflage shorts. Comfortable in cotton, the military print is as far as the actor goes in regards to statement prints; reserving the army material for his most casual looks.

A Sixties polo in contrast-collar detail and chilled bracelets style up the easy-go beach shorts, while in town Butler looks a touch more urban, with trucker cap and metallic grey Chambray shirt – untucked and loose-ish for supreme bike manoeuvrability. And, Butler won’t go down without his trusted Stan Smiths, adding a bit of youthful spark to his let’s-win-this-war weekend.

Heritage Sports


Butler wouldn’t be Scottish without some heritage-inspired looks riding on through the LA streets. To begin, a Chesterfield top coat is an aristocratic classic, worn in a relaxed wool-cotton fabric with a rather urban, skate combination of slouchie chinos, a loose tee and cap.

The northern chap comes out with a flap cap, wax-coated jacket and cuffed, hunter pants in olive green; the muted hues signifying the bleakness of a Scottish winter. Both outfits are based-out with high-top trainers, which are lovingly worn in – and tied up in a my-way, nonchalance that is a touch Kanye, without the velvet. Sing your own tune, Gerard.

Key Butler Fashion Items

Suits: Blue (Tom Ford), brown (J.Crew) or pinstripe (Dolce & Gabbana).

Jackets: Wax-coated bomber (Barbour), leather moto jacket (Belstaff or Gucci), and relaxed topcoat (Acne Studios).

Shirts: Henley (Sunspel, Uniqlo or Belstaff)

Bottoms: Camo shorts (Neighborhood or Ed Hardy), tapered cargos (Brunello Cucinelli or Michael Bastian) and chinos (Incotex).

Shoes: Sneakers (Adidas or Vans), leather shoes (Guidi or Paul Smith).

Accessories: Bracelet (Miansai) and Aviators (Cutler and Gross).


Jake Gyllenhaal is easily one of the best-dressed actors in 2015.

Like his career – taking up roles in ‘Jarhead’, ‘Prisoners’ and his latest film ‘Southpaw’ – Gyllenhaal’s style is well-thought out, classic and louche. While he’s rarely ‘proper’ – rocking casual gear at the best of times, his relaxed style has clear, refined sentiments – helped out by incredibly groomed hair. Now let’s steal it all.

Breaking It Down


Snubbing skinny jeans, Gyllenhaal isn’t one for fast-paced trends (or ‘tight’ things). While he’s a style contemporary wearing urban, casual jackets and hi-top sneakers (with the odd silver chain) thrown in, the actor is far more in-tune with vintage-inspired American pieces – classics reworked such as the denim jacket, fleece-collared bomber and mid-blue jeans – always in a comfort fit.

But strong tailoring (undercut by a new hair do) has increased his style presence at film events; finding Gyllenhaal on many a best-dressed list this year alone. Classic and simple pieces work well for the red-hot actor, but the details – shoes, tie and great hair – when put to the test, see him go another level.

Suit Game Strong


With a slicked-back hair cut, only a suit will do. And Gyllenhaal keeps the tailoring super sharp rarely steering away from black or midnight blue. A formal three-piece takes up a continental education with the new European cut and dark cocoa colouring. Looking ready for an Italian cafe espresso on the terrace, Gyllenhaal adds a sense of school-boy charm with a navy tie and ice-blue shirting.

Other times, Gyllenhaal – beard slightly grown out – simplifies the suit with a two-piece super wool. Then, he adds a textural pocket square and matching black tie – woven silk, always. A gold tie clip adds sentimental value, out-played by another subtle detail – the forward point collar, which is as striking as it is ‘barely-there’.

Urban Streets


Gyllenhaal likes to march with an urban army look for an off-duty outfit recruited specifically for the New York City pavements. There is a certain youthfulness to the actor’s casual dress; donning a heavy, camo parka with a hood, a white tee and silver neck chain.

Other times, Gyllenhaal swaps the military-print for an army green bomber, but keeps the relaxed-fit jeans in mid-blue, as well as the white tee and leather hi-tops. The accessory change involves the headgear – chucking on a cap to accompany the active bomber. But, his token dark-framed sunnies stay habitually the same.

Dark & Tailored Outerwear

TailoredOuterwearShowing his serious side, Gyllenhaal sports tailored top coats in sombre hues in the cooler months. It’s a chic, sleek side that stems from the actor’s penchant for true classics. The chesterfield coat is a staple, worn buttoned and collar slightly popped, which is hardly noticeable due to the slimness of the lapel. Teamed with wide-legged chinos and loosely-tied hiking boots, the traditional coats gets a rugged edge, matching the casual feel of the maroon tee peeking from underneath.

Other times, the collar pops with the working of another outerwear classic – the trench. Unbutton-ed, the jacket collar flares as a framing for a funnel-neck sweater; worn layered in the trans-seasonal months. Black-on-black creates a dressier appearance, but the contrast in fabric – cotton in the jacket and wool in the sweater – takes away an sense of heaviness.

American Casual

Casual-AmericanGyllenhaal – being Californian – channels a casual Americana aesthetic that is based around denim. The cotton fabric comes waxed-coated and brown as a heritage jacket piece over a plain back tee. Again, the collar is popped – rocking a James Dean charm – and the Wayfarer shades – in gloss-black retain the vintage style.

At the airport, double-denim is strong, retaining superb contrast with dark denim jeans and a sky-blue Chambray shirt. Rocking the half-tuck, the shirt is framed by a deep brown belt and leather boots – covered by the casual break of the denim.

Key Gyllenhaal Fashion Items

Suit: Checked blazer (Isaia or Canali), black single-breast (Maison Margiela or Hugo Boss) and corduroy suit (Ralph Lauren or Freeman’s Sporting Club).

Jackets: Camo parka (Givenchy or Cadet), military bomber (Stone Island or Tomas Maier), brown denim jacket (Levi’s).

Denim: Dark denim (RRL or Nudie Jeans) and black denim (J.Crew).

Shoes: Sneakers (Nike Air Max), dress shoes (Church’s or Tod’s), boots (Timberland).

Acessories: Chain (A.P.C), tie clip (Hugo Boss), silk woven tie (Hackett London).


Having played a Russian sniper, Dr Watson to Mr Holmes and a pink-shirted, Vespa-riding libertine, Jude Law has acted out a variety of roles in his triple-decade career. But only a few select movies – ‘The Talented Mr. Ripley’ and ‘Alfie’ – have had any real influence on his personal style.

These days, the British star is rather low key on the social scene. So, when he is pap-ed on the New York streets or flying into LAX from London, Law is often dressed comfortable, clean and neat. Demure style works for Law; and when he wants to be a show-off, he still knows how.

Breaking It Down


Law is definitely an actor who makes a stylish effort when it counts. An aficionado of the blazer and tee, he approaches formalities with the adage tailoring should be comfortable, sharp and chic.  While he may not consider himself a great sage of fashion or style, his outfits do consist of say, a quality cut jacket and luxury wool trouser; showing his appreciation for nice things. He isn’t from a fashion peacock perse, but Law is becoming a touch more flashy the older he gets. Purple velvet and expensive suits are great examples.

Double-Breasted Best


Double-breast is the best, according to Law. But that doesn’t come with strict limitations. For a streamline version, the actor attends the tennis in a summer navy cotton, made even more court-side with a polka dot woven tie. Law doesn’t skimp on trimmings, with a white-edged pocket square framing the blue and metallic lapel button to match the shades.

On the red carpet, Law looks to mexture, intermixing three-piece suit separates each with a double-breast design. A chocolate grey jacket and tweedy trouser base the tri-coloured tailoring; a khaki jersey waistcoat softening the woollen trousers. Taken from the same colour palette, the shades of brown set the scene for a dark tie, which acts as the focal point over a clean-white shirt.

It’s a play on formalities that makes a very traditional double-breast jacket, trouser and waistcoat a modern trio.

Velvet Villain


Like a badass, Law breaks all red carpet rules (no tux, eh?) donning a velvet suit jacket and cotton chinos. The all-black ensemble plays down the velour. But Law isn’t bothered taking further risks with patent leather shoes (no socks) and a metal grey tee; replacing the straight point collar of a white diner shirt and sleek black bow tie.

Elsewhere, Law parades the velvet jacket in mulberry; more like a literary dandy than monochrome rockstar. The pants are slim in black and tan suede shoes add lightness to a potentially ‘thick’ look. A tie is too much, but leaving the shirt buttoned-up to the neck retains a clean front.

Beanie Brooklyn


While he’s a great model of how to go bald in style, Law does like to cover up the hairline every now and then. But it’s more a style choice, than fear of exposure. The beanie also evokes a rather Brooklyn persona, especially against a colour palette of concrete grey and black.

Roaming the New York streets, a casual autumn day looks to layering with a cashmere cardigan, cotton tee and bundled-up scarf, carefully wrapped so to sit close to the chest. The slouch of the beanie is important too, sitting back off the face and falling back toward the neck.

Law uses the beanie as a symbol of relaxation when wearing a suit. With a henley shirt (not a typical collared button-down), the pinstripe suit immediately becomes corporate-rogue with a full-blown beard to ramp up the Brooklyn bounce. Note the suit fit has movement but is still a great fit; casual tailoring also requires a precise silhouette.

Vintage & Leather-ed

FeatLeatherWoolLike a modern day James Dean, Law takes a basic trouser/tee look and makes it magic. Woollen or heavy cotton chinos add some weight to the Fifties-era pants (pleats are an option) and a tucked t-shirt in tonal grey is an obedient way of presenting the vintage era.

But the leather jacket is the main performer; in bomber style with textile ribbed hem and sleeves – the shape modernised slightly to improved the sharp cut on shoulder and slim-fit on the arms. Notice the length too, cropped – keeping the jacket in line with a belt-less pant.

Key Law Fashion Items

Suit: Navy double breast (Massimo Piombo or Calibre), tweed brown (Hackett London or Richard James) and pinstripe suit (AMI).

Jacket: Leather jacket (Schott or APC), velvet blazer (Brioni or Topman).

Bottoms:  Wool trousers (Alexander Wang or Dolce & Gabbana), cotton chinos (Incotex of J.Crew) and black denim (Rag & Bone).

Shoes: Tan suede shoes (George Cleverley or Grenson), patent leather (Church’s), black chukka boots (Clarks).

Accessories: Tie (Hugo Boss), watch (Breitling), lapel pin (Gieves & Hawkes).


It’s hard to disassociate Jon Hamm from the infamous Don Draper. Both are effortlessly cool, and ooze a certain charisma that insists even the most dapper gent could ramp it up a notch in the wardrobe.

“Mad Men has educated me in style. I’ve learnt how to appreciate clothes and to buy things that fit properly. I like well-made clothes that last and are comfortable,” Hamm told the Daily Mail in a recent interview.

With ‘Mad Men’ coming to an end this year the season, Hamm still holds a soft spot for the hardline boss. And a ‘Sexiest Man Alive’ win complements his solo style strength off-screen; keeping himself on par with Mr Draper – sans cigarette.

Breaking It Down


Hamm – like his ‘Mad Men’ alter ego – has a penchant for suits. Period. In a neutral colour and (often) a traditional print, Hamm carries himself dapperly where tailoring is required, pulling out a sheeny tux when the red carpet requires something lush.

‘Aggressively casual’ is how Hamm, 6ft 1in, describes his own style too; pared-back in timeless jackets, a pair of chinos and shirting for a ferocious look that doesn’t give – but in reality, the actor truly does.

Seasonal Suiting


In vero Italian style, Hamm masters the art of seasonal dressing, drawing on his unrelenting supply of suits. Not one for fanciful trends, the actor looks to tailoring in earthen neutrals ranging from blackish browns to taupe, as a reflection of day vs. night and summer vs. winter dressing.

An exceptionally well-tailored, single-breasted suit with a crisp white shirt is the common thread; opting for a thin pinstripe and patent leather shoes for cooler months or a light window pane check and metallic frames for summer airs. The pocket square and matching tie – often in stark colour contrast – fashion-up any overtly corporate aesthetic; without destroying the perfectly office-ready ensemble.

Happy Chappy


Hamm’s happiness isn’t dependent on smiles; more his reinvention of the European chap via timeless accessories. The important feature is the cap. Made from felt or linen, the flat driving headpiece crowns both a summer and winter look; the latter made up of a long woollen pea coat aka the Chesterfield, a slim scarf and leather gloves to glisten with a buttery carryall.

Trans-seasonal dress calls for a cotton pea coat in sand – cropped, with chinos and a silken scarf  – the three fending off temperamental weather in unison with a Wayfarer shades. Note Hamm’s penchant for toned-down colour, in line with his paler complexion so not with the skin he’s in.

Accessory Accents


Because Hamm likes to dress in neutrals, accessories are a means to add some personality to his outfit. A classic blue suit gets an update with a black-and-whitegingham shirt and silky, sheen tie with a jacquard polka dot. A tonal pocket square in blue – matte finish usually, acts as a complementary accessory to the vibrant shirt-and-tie.

Other times, a solemn winter look – made up black pea coat and smokey grey pant – lose all seriousness with spotted blue socks. The leather derby shoe in black ushers in spring with contrast laces in powder blue. Hamm refuses to look like anyone else.

Black Tie Master


Draper-inspired, Hamm is a master of the classic black tie. Ticking all the boxes – silk lapel and white dinner jacket – the tuxedo rules aren’t for breaking in Hamm’s style book.

Big on personalisation, the silk bow tie is always hand-tied, clasping the collar of a white dress shirt, silk cummerbund and a pair of glisten-y patent leather shoes in black.

His tweaking from the traditional? Wayfarer shades, but only for summer ‘nights’ when the sun refuses to set.

Key Hamm Fashion Items

Suits: Paul Smith, Armani, Calvin Klein and Gucci.
Denim: Rag & Bone and Levi’s.
Shirts: Oliver Spencer, Thom Browne and Club Monaco.
Shoes: Hugo Boss and Tom Ford.
Jackets: Mackintosh, Burberry and Dunhill.


From London to New York, Lewis Hamilton has become a fixture on the men’s fashion week circuit.

Perched front row alongside David Gandy, Oliver Cheshire et al., Hamilton has certainly evolved from celebrity race-car driver – really only invited to London Collections Men for his fame – to men’s fashion appreciator and style explorer.

He’s far from a fashion icon, but just like David Beckham many moons ago, Hamilton’s genuine consideration for clothes can only get better with time. And by attending more fashion week parties.

Breaking It Down


Hamilton does have his style judgers, cornering him for his whimsical approach to style. But his joyous, maximalist approach to fashion is a breath of fresh air in the sports arena, and sees him on the right course to become one of the world’s best-dressed sportsmen – after a bit of less-is-more becomes him.

His taste for prints is outlandish and bold, not to be outmatched by his colourful tailoring. But accessories is where this formula one star shines, speeding away in shades, a hat and statement chains, with hi-top luxury sneakers in hot pursuit.

Reimagined Classics


A driver of casual jackets, Hamilton founds his off-duty looks on the classic bomber or blouson coat, reimagined in fabric, fit and colour. At fashion week it’s an army affair, in an olive green bomber with contrast ribbing. The Breton shirt – another classic – becomes a street wear staple, over biker jeans in washed-out blue and army suede Chelsea boots.

Other times, the racer looks to summer with white jeans and the very-2015 wine red spilling onto the shirt. Leaving the button-down untucked, all sense of the south of France is lost, enforced with hardness of a black blouson jacket and street-y sneakers – replacing the traditional loafers or boat shoes.

Colourful Suits


From the Elle Style Awards to the Richard James London show, Hamilton found many occasions this year to don a suit. Quite unlike the race-track, the single-breasted variety is always fashionably slim, with a cropped trouser in cotton/wool fabric, perfectly lightweight for summer.

Colour is also Hamilton’s forte, eschewing black or navy in favour of dark red and metallic teal. The driver’s getaway is his penchant for accessories: suede loafers (sometimes with studs), a polka dot pocket square and lapel pin creating a focal point – without a the need for tie, of course.

Luxury Streets


Not one to forgo his taste for nice things, Hamilton keeps even his most chilled street looks very luxurious. A fan of longline, t-shirts hang past the waist – inspired by the original skate and b-ballers in the Nineties – over hi-top sneakers in patent leather or matte white.

An active accent sees zips and metallic hardware detail the legs of black jeans. Other times, tastefully ripped denim provides a lighter, brighter aesthetic perfect for day time moods.

Hamilton likes tonal dressing too, matching his bi-coloured outerwear to his bottoms and shoes with either a marbled or brocade effect, referencing the future and past, depending on the mood.

Bling & Prints


When Hamilton is determined to turn fashion heads, he goes all-in. Bling and prints are his signature combination, underpinned by the felt fedora hat which he owns in an array of muted colours.

The silver chain is far less bling-y than the chunkier gold variety, popping the metal in a black, contrast leather and suede moto jacket; the racing stripes on the white denim giving Hamilton soon extra vroom.

The giant hibiscus print should be enough on its own over a plain white tee (minus the gold) and again those knee-shredded jeans, which feel very Kanye West-inspired, make their claim. The gold chain is a reflection of the far-better looking mirrored lenses, crafted as Hamilton’s go-to round sunnies.

Key Hamilton Fashion Items

Suits: Coloured single-breasted from Richard James or Salvatore Ferragamo; double-breasted grey from Dunhill.

Jackets: Black leather/suede moto jacket from Balmain; hibiscus bomber from Valentino; and marbled parka from Givenchy.

Jeans: Faded and ripped denim from Rag & Bone; black zipped jeans from Alexander McQueen; and biker denim from Belstaff or Balmain.

Accessories: Round sunglasses from Simon Miller or Our Legacy; neck chain from Acne Studios and fedora from Blue Blue Japan or Undercover.


The Bieb, Beebs, or JBiebs – Justin Bieber is one of the most loved on (and hated) people on the planet.

The singer has learned the pitfalls of too-much fame (Bieber’s legion of Facebook fans is 72 million strong) and the barrelling judgment that rides with it. But he’s managed to stay above the waterline; moving on from childish and cocky to confident in what he believes – and wears.

The teeny-boppin’ Canadian has certainly moved on from side-fringes and baggy jeans to the grown-up stuff like Balmain jackets and tattoos; such much so he scored prime position in the new Calvin Klein underwear campaign.

But remember, he’s still only 21.

Breaking It Down


Young, cool and super cashed-up, Bieber has cruised along this past year. Far from being a one-look wonder, Bieber romps around music awards, LA parties and fashion week like a natural, rubbing shoulders with the Kanye‘s of the celebrity fashion world; gathering more attention for his clothes than the taste-makers themselves.

Off-duty, the popstar is just as luxe – walking around in fash-ed up loungewear or casual jackets, underpinned by leather look jeans and $700 sneakers. Statement head gear is a Bieber thing too; snapping back a reversed cap or felt fedora depending on his ‘scene’. But with a new bleached undercut, hats could just be a thing of the past for Biebs. What do you mean?

Street Biker


In keeping with his hybrid style, Bieber looks the ‘street biker’ in a statement leather jacket and urban bottoms For his 21st birthday in Los Angeles, Bieber went monochrome with a motocross jacket in stark white – the black epaulettes and forearm ribbed padding offering a safeguard against the night’s proceedings perhaps.

At Kanye West’s fashion show, Bieber was seeing red with a sharper leather biker cut like a dinner jacket with asymmetric zip and metallic hardware. Both looks bounced along in a longline plain tee and relaxed-fit black denim; the latter with tapered ankles cinched in nicely to expose the statement kicks. Ye-ezy!

Rocked-Out Suits


By rocked-out suits, we mean traditional tailoring getting a restyling by the popstar. At the Met Gala, Bieber kept to the China-theme, dressing in a dinner jacket in black wool and contrast satin lapel – the fire-breathing dragons embroidered in bronzed gold in true eastern mysticism. A weave cummerbund in black lined the waist, before the trouser went thin (like denim) coming in at the ankle – super rock – over suede Chelsea boots.

Other times, Bieber takes common tailoring  – the double-breasted suit – and makes it rock-esque; mastering the art of the sleeve roll. The short sleeve works off the relaxedness of the normally-sharp suit; the openness of the broad peak lapel in velour parring back formalities. By keeping the finer details – shoes, tie and shirt – neat and nice, the suit ensemble never looks sloppy; despite breaking the style code.

Luxury Hipster


Justin – like most twenty somethings – has many a casual look. And on-trend, hipster-y things feature: loads of white-on-black-on-white, longline tees and cotton check over-shirts – for the very best in urban and rock styles.

But Bieber works his own luxury accent with expensive jewellery, molten black denim (going anti-hipster with the cuff unrolled) and slip on sneakers in a mix of ponyskin prints – leopard or cheetah – ignoring the hipster uniform of Nike Rosheruns, barbershop hair and bushy beard. Can he even grow one?

Active Futurism


Bieber likes activewear, obviously. But his taste for easy-go clothing doesn’t forgo his salivating over luxury kit, which sees him experiment with technical fabrics for a future-forward approach to fashion.

Unusual proportions are another way Bieber dresses futuristically. A super longline t-shirt and army hi-top sneakers offer an urban look when paired under a sharp dinner jacket in army green – again sleeves rolled. The olive hue continues onto the relaxed denim with ribbed signatures acting as a galactic accent on the knees, again reverting to future times.

Monochrome black casual wear becomes forward-thinking with baggy-ish track pants in leather and bold zips with a basic tee getting a satin collar rewiring at the neck; the outfit turned contemporary with luxury white sneakers.

Key Bieber Fashion Items

Suits: Double-breasted suit (Dolce & Gabbana); embroidered tuxedo (Balmain).

Jackets: Leather moto jacket (Balmain); blazer leather jacket (Saint Laurent), bomber (Stampd).

Jeans: Black wax-coated (Neuw or Nudie Jeans); cuffed joggers (Diamond Supply)

Shirts: Checked shirt (Fear of God); longline tee (Bassike); button up (Salvatore Ferragamo).

Shoes: Sneakers (Yeezy, Adidas Tubular or Givenchy); suede boots (Balmain); ponyskin slip-ons (Vans).

Accessories: Felt fedora hat (Nick Fouquet); Cap (New Era); Cuff (A.P.C or Alexander McQueen); shades (mirrored Ray bans).


His voice is buttery smooth – then wham, it’s rap-attack – dropping a beat that you can’t help but groove along to. Childish Gambino on stage, the man behind the mic is Donald Glover.

But wait, isn’t he…yes, the comical science geek alongside Matt Damon in The Martian. And you’ll know his mug from Magic Mike XXL, Community and cult television series, Girls. Glover’s talented and versatile. And like his career, his style remains an enigma. Until now.

Breaking It Down


Born and raised in California, Glover is of the ‘So Cal’ lineage. Even a rapper phase can’t derail him from his surfer pop blood. And when he’s off the beatin’ track and on the red carpet, the tux does emerge, with slipper loafers to boot.

Glover’s casual jacket taste is somewhat classic, looking to icons McQueen and Dean for the most part, as well as referencing bad-boy collegiate vibes with his reworked sweaters and a killer shoe-game. Glover must have been a nerdy menace at school.

Retro Reformer


On stage, the summer heat can’t contain Glover. Dressed as Childish Bambino, the rapper snubs urban street gear for some surf pop, reforming the retro print with a modern version of the paradise shirt.

Always short sleeved – to coincide with stripped-back cut of the casual cotton shirt – the artist pairs gargantuan floral tops (yes, sometimes all-the-way undone) with vintage-length cotton shorts, but in a faded print (sometimes floral) acting more like texture than a pattern in itself.

Retro sneakers, no socks, finish off the California dreaming.

Earthen Flyer


Despite his rush to fame, Glover is a still simple man. He favours one jacket this year – the tan bomber. Very much in style right now, the cropped aviator coat comes with all the retro trimmings: double-face front pockets, a biker-style collar tab and shearling collar.

The rest of the outfit is modern street, working slim cut skater jeans with just-as-urban sneakers (in vintage design) or burnished Derby boots in soft chocolate. A plain white tee and matte black sunnies consolidate the casual cool.

Heritage Hipster


The American actor isn’t one for formalities but when premiers call, Glover looks to heritage plaids. Accompanying a single-breasted wool suit in straight black, the gingham print in checkerboard blue and white creates a visual spectacle when paired with a mid-width black tie.

Off-duty, the Americana heritage arrives again, this time in flannel check, with a lightweight cotton button down casually untucked and open at the neck. Glover is a pioneer of the shacket (shirt jacket) in a stone cold grey with matching military boots in suede and a shin-climbing shaft.

Both plaid looks detract from Western cowboy or militant cues with Glover’s choice of quirky eyewear, matte black frames (faux or real?) making the outfits just that little bit hipster.

Collegiate Feels


From Ralph Lauren collegiate to James Dean-meets-McQueen, Glover taps iconic Americana style with ease. Like a badass on the weekend, the Breton shirt under a black biker jacket in leather returns. But with Glover updates: raw denim jeans in a slim-fit and chalk blue beanie.

Winter comes and Glover goes to college with a varsity jersey knit, American-blue jeans (slightly washed) over tennis shoes. The beanie returns (as more of a novelty with pom-pom) to break away from school, supported by the actor’s much-loved aviator jacket in a soft-shouldered brown.

Key Glover Fashion Items

Suit: Black single-breast suit (Acne Studios).

Jacket: Shearling bomber (Tod’s, Schott or Battenwear); black leather (Belstaff).

Shirt: Plaid button downs (Maison Kitsuné, Barbour or Rough & Tumble); polos (Lacoste and Burberry Brit); retro short sleeved (Club Monaco or J.Crew); Breton (Sunspel).

Shoes: Tennis sneakers (Comme des Garçons X Converse); loafer slippers (Tod’s); suede boots (Grensons).

Accessories: Beanie (Chamula or Stone Island); glasses (Ray Ban).